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"Family" websites

Here's a list of websites that are related to either Zong Wu Men directly or to the extended family of YiZong martial arts practitioners around the world: - Chinese language site for Luo Dexiu in Taiwan. - Marcus Brinkman's site. - Another site for Marcus Brinkman. More IMA material for sale. - Tim Cartmell's website. - Site for Luo's students in England and maintained by Nick Cumber. - Site for Bernie Langan in San Francisco, California. - Site for Buddy Tripp in Plymouth, Massachussetts. - Bill Metzger and Owen Schilling's website. - Site for Herve' Marigliano in France. - Another site maintained by George Wood for practitioners of Luo Dexiu's martial arts and the YiZong community of martial artists.


Links to other important sites for good information - Good source for information and discussion on all aspects of the Internal Martial Arts. - Site by Jarek Szymanski. Great site for information and articles on the Internal Arts. Also has an online store for purchasing hard to find videos directly from China. - Site for Shanxi Xingyi maintained by Tadzio Goldgewicht, disciple of Song family Xingyiquan. - Good site for strength and conditioning advice. - Another good site for strength and conditioning advice.

Premiere site for information on the teachings of Luo Dexiu worldwide.

Luo Dexiu is currently the world's most knowledgeable exponent on the YiZong tradition, and one of the world's most proficient practitioners and teachers of the Internal Martial Arts.

Site for Sifu Lacy Colley and the White Birch Kung Fu Tai Chi school of Sterling, Virginia. George Wood Laoshi now teaches Xingyiquan and Baguazhang at Sifu Lacy Colley's Chinese Martial Arts school in Sterling, VA, sharing the studio with Sifu Colley.


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