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George Wood is the head instructor of Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts, based in Northern Virginia. He teaches the martial arts of Baguazhang and Xingyiquan.

More about the training of martial arts

All martial arts are abstract from the real thing. There is no perfect imitation of what is chaos – a violent encounter. At best we try to imitate, to take aspects of the whole and train these. Many martial arts … Continue reading

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Brain damage from heavy sparring and head blows

FYI and another reason that I do things the way I do…

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Abstract training of martial arts

Martial arts training is by its very definition an abstract of what real violence, a real fight condition is like. What we are attempting to do in training is attempt to take the chaotic whole of combat and dissect it … Continue reading

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Here’s another reason to just shut up and do it.

It’s endemic in training for students to ask too many questions, teachers to over-analyze, and training partners to constantly give too much feedback. We all occasionally(or often) forget that the best way to learn something physical is to just do … Continue reading

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Another reason why I don’t prefer hard head contact in our basic sparring sessions Check out the link and read it. It explains about concussions in sports. Combat sports can be even more prone to these types of trauma, boxing is famous for it. Another reason why the majority of our sparring is … Continue reading

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Relaxation and Michael Phelps

Here’s an article that I saw from the New York Times discussing relaxation and “in the zone” training. Since it is apropos to the concepts of the internal arts, I thought I’d link to it for you all:

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Taiwan News program on Yizong

Here’s a link to a news program done on Luo Dexiu and his students, as well as the Yizong association in Taiwan. The Yizong association is a group of students from the early lineage of Zhang Zhunfeng, primarily through the … Continue reading

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Horse form variation

Well, we’ve been working on ma xing – the horse form – in Xingyiquan for about 4 months now. We’ve taken it apart in many different ways and have worked on power, timing, variations on stepping, performing it with smooth … Continue reading

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Luo Dexiu’s five elements

Here’s a video that a school brother of mine put up on youtube with Luo laoshi’s five elements. Enjoy!

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Snake throw type arm break in competition

Here’s something that is pretty sad actually. At about 2:10 or so into the following video, the one slightly smaller dude uses some quick energy to do a snake type throw to his opponent. You’ll see the result. This is … Continue reading

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Luo Dexiu Laoshi on Burt Wolf’s Travel and Traditions

Oh, and just in case some of you haven’t seen it yet, I put up the relevant portion of a TV travel show that came to Taiwan and did an interview of Luo Dexiu laoshi. The show is Burt Wolf’s … Continue reading

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Karo, Judo, Bagua-esque… good stuff

Check these out:–Y9sMVhbY

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┬áJust saw this video and thought that its relevant to our training of locks, throws and just general training sense. Some people are idiots. Some people just don’t know the range of motion of their own joints and think they … Continue reading

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Su Dongchen’s vid against mult. opponents

Here’s a video of a Yizong uncle of mine named Su Dongchen. He was a student under Hong Yixiang, along with my teacher, Luo Dexiu. Although I know that many of you have already seen this video, I thought I … Continue reading

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Some of you might want to check this out

One of my pet reading areas is in sports psychology. I find that especially after studying something like the internal arts, you get an even greater appreciation for what goes on in your head with regards to the various facets … Continue reading

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