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George Wood is the head instructor of Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts, based in Northern Virginia. He teaches the martial arts of Baguazhang and Xingyiquan.

Chinese Opera Duck Walking

 Wait for a couple minutes into the video for the bald guy, first part is just tongue twisters. Apparently its part of training for the Chinese Opera – how an adult would portray a child’s height. Real impressive that he … Continue reading

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Scientific benefits of meditation

Link to the article…–its-good-for-you-20090819-eqlo.html?page=-1

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Free Internet Workout Timer

 Could be useful for tabata and bag work……. if only I had a computer with Internet access near where ever I workout…….

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Rolling away the knots…

 I’m always suggesting to my students and friends to use a foam roller. I even gave away my original one to my aunt. Its insanely cheap, especially when compared to visits to a massage therapist or chiropractor and you can … Continue reading

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A nice blog to read

Here’s a blog that I stumbled across some time ago and just returned to again recently. Its great for that combination of historical information coupled with stories of the old masters. That sort of writing is what got me hooked … Continue reading

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Nice gentle sparring w/ Anderson Silva

Check it out. Too many people always want to get too rough or try to “win” in their sparring. Here’s a pro at the top of his game, practicing. He’s throwing elbows – safely. He’s throwing leg kicks – safely. … Continue reading

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UFC 101 Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffen fight. Just saw it, and although I love a brawl as well, I just enjoy watching an incredibly skilled fighter totally outclass the other. That is what happened here in this fight. Here’s … Continue reading

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Acupuncture in Europe 5000 years ago

I have mentioned this “find” before to a number of my students, in and out of class. I thought it fascinating.

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Video of Luo Laoshi teaching in Paris

Here’s some great video of Laoshi teaching at this year’s seminars in Paris, France. Thanks to Ed Hines for putting this together.

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Marcus Brinkman is up on youtube! This is the youtube channel for Marcus Brinkman, one of my seniors under Luo Dexiu. Marcus also studied directly with Hong Yixiang as well as a host of other teachers. He’s an awesome practitioner and I’m so glad to … Continue reading

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The flip side

I’ve been thinking about something since I wrote that last motivation thread. I felt that that post came out a bit on the pessimistic side. Although it was honest, I do want to present another aspect into the equation. I’ve … Continue reading

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My baby Evelyn

I posted this pic up on Facebook. My new baby girl is now nearly 2 weeks old. Her name is Evelyn Sarah Wood and she’s our newest handful of sleep-depriving joy! This is what’s keeping me busy:

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Nice looking exhibition match with Fedor and Aoki Some great transitions and throws in this one.

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Issues with motivation in training and life

 Josh Leeger asked a question about my thoughts on motivation following a post of mine below. I decided to transfer my answer to a new post in the hopes that it can lead to more discussion and more meditations on … Continue reading

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Baguazhang and the concept of “play” in training

In its most simple sense, baguazhang likes to take things and play with them. The art is based on the attitude of play. You can play with forms, you can play with opponents and training partners, and you need to … Continue reading

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