UFC 101 Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffen fight.

Just saw it, and although I love a brawl as well, I just enjoy watching an incredibly skilled fighter totally outclass the other. That is what happened here in this fight. Here’s the final KO shot.


Mr. Anderson has some skills.


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  1. chris.j.andrade says:

    That fight was incredible, Jesse, Alex and I had to rewind and watch what happened like 5 times. That was incredible. If the fight goes threw with Roy Jones Jr after he retires, it’d be neat to see how he’d fare against a really skilled boxer.

  2. chris.j.andrade says:


    So Forest’s jaw was dislocated by one of the earlier shots, and caused him hearing loss. And then it got shattered later on, and he was advised to go straight to the hospital after. Forest’s one tough MF for continuing to fight.

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