Is the main-line establishment even coming along now?

Josh Coutts forwarded this to me. He was reading an article on cardio machines and exercise.

“She also notes that exercising in a hunched-over position can keep you from breathing deeply, and that the improper alignment of your spine can make the workout more jarring to your shoulders and elbows.

Use a natural gait, says Danberg. And “Don’t hold the handrails because it breaks the natural biomechanics of the body. We don’t go through life holding on to something.”

If you need more stability, he says, hold with one hand and move the other arm, alternating periodically.

Saremi also discourages reading while using the cardio machines: “You’re not concentrating and getting a good workout. You’re not monitoring your progress. Exercise has to engage your head. Form is so important.””

And then Josh C. asked: “Bagua anyone?”

Do you ever think that at some point all the Jane Fonda types, and Billy Blanks types, and Krav Maga types, and yoga types will get together and take up Baguazhang?

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George Wood is the head instructor of Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts, based in Northern Virginia. He teaches the martial arts of Baguazhang and Xingyiquan.
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  1. jleeger says:

    God I hope so!

    There’s so much mis-information out there, though, I kind of doubt it. People just want to make a buck – so they’ll sell anything and everything you can imagine. Meanwhile, the general populace is like everything else in nature and always seeks the path of least resistance. So there you have it. Equation for bad exercise practices.

    Pessimism aside, I think the tide is turning among the better-educated. More folks are willing to do bodyweight conditioning (including walking for their cardio) than I’ve ever seen.

    Do they want to get to know the insides of their minds? I don’t think we’ve gotten THAT far…

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